Yellow Garden

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Every time I'm on Pinterest (which is always) all I think is how I want plants everywhere in my house. I, my friends, also have commitment issues. So when it comes to outdoor gardening the wisest choice I could make for the time being was container gardening. I got the chance to work with Monrovia again for their #ColorDoesIt campaign and for some reason in the past week or so, I've been really interested in yellow. I'm generally more of a green and earth tones kind of person, but yellow has got my attention right now. 

The three plants I picked are all flowering plants, one is that Asiatic Lily, its the bright yellow one that you can't miss. The tall one is called a Mango Popsicle, which will bloom yellow in summer and fall. The leafy tree type one will someday grow to be 15-20' and is called Yellow Lady Banks Rose, which has little clusters of yellow roses that I can't wait to share as decoration in other posts. 

So, really building this little garden was pretty simple, all I did was repot some of the plants with soil I got from Lowe's the first time I went to pick out my plants. I took so long on the first post picking out plants that I decided to break it up into two trips. Either way works, but shopping was definitely easier once I knew what I wanted. You can also check out the website to see what you're interested in. From there your only job really is deciding what goes together and of course where everything will go, which is easy because they're totally portable when they're in containers like this. 

Hopefully you can draw some low commitment inspiration from this post and make sure to plan ahead if you're the kind (like me) that can never quite decide. 

Agave Oatmeal Moisturizing Face Mask

This mask might look a little more like breakfast than a face mask. Funny thing, it tastes a little like breakfast, too. It only has two ingredients, agave nectar and oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of my favorite skin care concoctions, it's moisturizing, calming, most people have it on hand, and its oil free, which is important to people who have dry skin that is also prone to acne. So, like most of my homemade beauty products, there's one isolated key ingredient in a food that makes its efficacy measurable. (I've been watching a little too much Bill Nye Saves the World.) That ingredient in oatmeal is, beta-glucan

"Beta-glucan has the unique properties of being able to form a fine film on your skin as well as being able to penetrate deep into the skin. Thus it provides a protective layer while also providing much needed deep moisturizing to your skin. It also enhances wound healing and shallow abrasions, and naturally stimulates collagen deposition and activation of immune cells within the skin." Poppy Soap, Co. Blog 

Face Mask 5 (1 of 1).jpg
Face Mask 1 (1 of 1).jpg

All of this to say, oatmeal is good for your skin, can encourage healing, and much like natural oils leaves a protective barrier on skin, making it less sensitive to environmental factors. 

Agave nectar's benefits are similar to those of honey being that it is a humectant, which means it seals in moisture, and has light exfoliating properties. This means, that it helps skin retain moisture while also helping to remove dead skin cells, without scrubbing. If you don't have any agave nectar on hand, you can always sub honey. 


  • 2 Tablespoons of oat flour or pulse a little bit of oatmeal in the blender 
  • 2 Tablespoons of Agave Nectar


  • Mix both ingredients together.
  • Apply generously to clean skin with fingertips to face and neck. 
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes, rinse with water and scrub gently for added exfoliating benefits. 

Flower Love

This post is basically made up of all of the flower pictures that didn't make it into the Monrovia post, earlier this week. I conveniently remembered my camera, but forgot the memory card, this happens more than I care to admit, but I had my phone, so not all is lost. I rarely take pictures on my phone, I'm definitely more of a lug around a giant camera kind of a girl. But here is my ode to spring via my handy iPhone. 

Shop: Cactus

Planting Succulents

This post was sponsored by Monrovia, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting TFS. 

Plant shopping is easily in my top 5 favorite things to do. I got the chance to pick up a few new plants at Lowe's and of course I had to look at each and every one of them, before picking up what I wanted. I settled on these two succulents, the first one, the flowering one, I spotted right away and picked it up because it was the only one. It's called a Torch Cactus.  It felt like a pretty obvious choice, and it definitely started a few conversations. The other one I picked out is an agave, I may or may not secretly harbor hopes of making tequila out of it someday. Apparently these plants take about 12 years to mature, but I mean, I can wait. 

I got a few pups off of my new plants too, and put them in separate containers to keep growing. They'll most likely be a gift. 

So, I have a few tips on getting these plants out of their containers. I have hurt myself many a'times playing with cactus. 

Here it goes:

Get gloves, leather ones

Cut the sides of the container so you don't have to pull the plant directly out. To do this make 4 cuts around the side of the plastic container, cut down as low as you can and pull the plastic back. The plant should lift out from there. 

Use cactus soil. It makes a difference. 

If your plant has pups, they usually come off easiest if you twist them slightly to loosen them off of the plant. 

Put a few rocks at the bottom of the planters, this keeps soil from leaking out of the bottom. 


I got these terra cotta planters at Lowe's too. I'm also a very big fan of these planters on Etsy. I was tempted to paint in the engraved parts, it'll probably happen one of these days but for now I like them how they are. I'm honestly really happy with how these turned out, and they really brighten up the space. I love going to look at the flowers on that Torch Cactus, those flowers bloomed so fast too. It was amazing. There were two bulbs that bloomed overnight into these pretty impressive flowers. 

Each of my plants was about $25, but you can get coupons for signing up for the newsletter, also check out Morovia's #growbeautifully campaign to get even more ideas on indoor or outdoor gardening.  

I hope you can draw some inspiration from my gardening experience. :)