Propagating Succulents From Leaves Part 1

Propagating succulents from their leaves is very simple. It requires some patience, not too much but some. It's fun to watch them go through their cycles all while above ground. I'll show you how I'm growing my own pups. 

I collected and planted all of these succulents in this project and put the leaves aside because they propagate a little bit differently. I have a variety of leaves I'm working with. Some will probably be more successful than others. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Cactus soil - I just used the last of my cactus soil on this project. I've had it for years. I'm impressed and also a little sad. 
  • Seedling mix 
  • Cactus leaves
  • Gardening container


I like to use 3/4 cactus soil to 1/4 seedling soil. Since I'll eventually be planting the pups in there, I like to use mostly cactus soil. 

  • Place your leaves out in a sunny window with out water or soil for about 3-7 days and let them callus over. The area that was originally connected to the host plant should be closed off. If you don't let it callus before putting it on top of the soil, the leaves will get soggy and rot. 
  • Fill container 3/4 full with cactus soil.
  • Fill the additional 1/4 with seedling soil.
  • Place the leaves curved side down on top of the soil. 
  • Water 1-2 times per week with a spray bottle 

That's all! After a few weeks your leaves should begin to grow roots. They may even sprout a pup or two. Be patient because some varieties take longer than others. 

See, this post, to see my sprouted succulent pups and if you have bigger clippings to plant, read this.

Succulent Leaves 3.jpg

This pup sprouted from a leaf I dropped in another potted plant in a shadier area in my apartment. You can tell which succulents have grown in the shade by the spacing of their leaves. She how long the stem of this one is, with only a few leaves? That means it needs more sunshine. Don't we all?