5 Tips for Creating Succulent Arrangements

Creating a succulent arrangement is simple and can be totally customizable. There are a few things I've learned over time that will help you to create the healthiest environment for your succulents. 

1. Soil - It's best to get fast-draining cactus soil, which keeps the succulents shallow roots healthy. It also helps prevent plants from getting water logged. 

2. More is More - Succulents don't mind being crowded. So, it's fine to pile them in, without worrying about their roots spreading or getting tangled. 

3. Watering - Some people believe it is best to water succulents as infrequently as possible. Although succulents are drought-resistant, that doesn't mean they don't need water to be healthy. I've noticed my plants are healthier since putting them on a regular watering schedule. 

4. Variety - You can easily grow your succulent collection by picking clipping off other plants. Propagate your succulents like this, or this

5. Sunlight - Although succulents can tolerate low water, sunlight is a non-negotiable. I have brought outdoor plants indoors and used indirect light, and the plants didn't seem to mind. They do however need a steady stream of light to stay healthy wether it is direct or indirect.