4 Practical Uses for Aloe Vera

Obviously, aloe vera gel is great for sunburns, but there are a bunch of other ways it can be used to supplement overall health. Although it works great as a topical treatment, you can also gain benefits from your aloe vera plant by drinking its juice for digestion and detoxification. Turns out, the juice from this plant can be pretty useful in some surprising ways. 

1. Hair Conditioning Mask - Aside from being hydrating, aloe vera is great for growing your hair out and dealing with dandruff. The enzymes in aloe vera can work to combat dead skins cells accumulating on the scalp, which helps unblock hair follicles for healthy growth and reduces dandruff.  

2. Digestion - Aloe vera is great for digestion and digestive upsets. It helps to remove pieces of food through the digestive tract. It also posses anti-fungal properties, which makes it a safe and effective way to cleanse your digestive tract. It can alleviate inflammation and in some cases assist in the treatment of stomach ulcers. 


3. Detox - Along with helping with any digestive upsets, aloe vera also works to detoxify kidney, spleen, liver and bladder. Its alkaline properties help to neutralize acid consumed through the diet, as well as remove old toxins that may have had a negative effect on the body.

4. Skin Disorders - Aloe vera works as an antiseptic for cuts and sores caused by certain skin disorders. It also helps to break down skin cells which may improve skin's recovery time. In addition it works well to relieve inflammation and provides a gentle cooling sensation for troubled skin.