Things I Love Thursday

This kundalini meditation shared by Gabrielle Bernstein is making me feel good, bad and weird, all at the same time. Pretty hooked. 

Raw honey, everywhere for everything. It tastes better, it's healthier and put it all over your face to clean out pores. 

Microwave FFFFUDGE! Yes, just yes. This isn't actually the recipe I used but it looks awesome. I'm just glad thermometer-less fudge is a thing. 

I like these blue polka-dot jeans, they're subtle enough that I wouldn't feel silly wearing them. 

Apple cider vinegar! I've rediscovered my love for good ol' ACV. I drink it with honey for energy. It's working, maybe too well. 

This retro record player has bluetooth, which I've never actually used. I don't know I just need a record player. 

Not the Only Dreamer Tee, because it's got flowers. I also super love that Life is Good donates 10%, so I'll do your good deed whether I like it or not. 

I may need an American flag shirt for 4th of July and also for that giant soccer game that's going on somewhere...