A Few Reasons to Try More Exotic Foods

At the grocery store I picked up almost exclusively unconventional fruits. I do this often at the farmer's market, but they usually always have the same old thing at the grocery stores. So, when I saw some new stuff I was pretty excited to support the movement.

The things I got were a canary melon (the yellow one), santa claus melon (the green one), pomegranate, and prickly pear also known as tuna fruit. I put together a list of why I love new foods. Hopefully, it'll inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new things. 

1. Spark Your Curiosity - Trying new foods encourages you to learn about the things you're eating. When I find something new, I always do as much reading as I can about it. Learning, in and of itself is a good thing, but when mixed with something as crucial and everyday as nutrition, it feels like a pretty good investment. 

2. Diversify Nutrients - The colors and varieties of foods can be indicative of the nutrients they provide. So, by switching up the foods your eating, you're also getting a different variety of nutrients. Another plus of this is that generally more unusual produce isn't as over-farmed and ehem, modified. I'm pretty sure there's no GMO canary melon. I could be wrong, but I feel pretty confident about that one. 

3. Discover New Loves - You may love your new foods. You may not, but hey, at least you tried. Think of it as the equivalent of jumping into a freezing cold lake as a kid. It's new, exciting, unpredictable, and will definitely make for a good story later. So, whether you love them or hate them, you'll have something new and non-contreversial to talk about. 

4. Support Creative Farmers - Really though, they went out on a limb. Why can't you? The varieties of food available to us are diminishing. I have purple carrots and purple tomatillos in recipes on the blog. Things I was only able to find at farmer's markets, grown by passionate and devoted people looking to bring some variety back to farming. Show some support for farmers and try their weird food. I remember a time when I though heirloom tomatoes were so exotic, now they're my favorite. 

5. Try New Recipes - With new foods I always inevitably take more creative foodie risks. I mean I'm already out there with these weird melons might as well make a cocktail, right? Think of your kitchen as an expression of your creativity and eat something out of the ordinary. Try a new recipe, if it's a flop, oh well. Dust off what's left of your experiment and try again.