A Few Things That Have Made Me Happy This Holiday Season

The end of 2014 has been one for the books. For me at least, this was a huge time for change, some good, some bad, all memorable. 

I've been learning a bit more about Feng-Shui. I haven't gotten much farther than my Kua number and the fact that my home faces south, which luckily is a good direction for me. So, with my limited knowledge in tow, I promptly moved all the furniture in my house. It could be all wrong, but jumping the gun is kinda my thing. I did get a good omen, though. This white sage rolled out from behind one of my shoes. I knew I'd left that somewhere. Oh, omens. 


The ocean. Enough said, really. 

My aunt Mary was here visiting and we took my furry buds out to all kinds of exciting places. My favorite being Will Roger's State Park. I know they were grateful to get to run all around. Tired?! Not if you're a herding dog.  

LAX, I know it's a silly thing to put an airport on a list of things that make you happy over the holidays, but this place has been the beacon of so many beginnings and endings for me through the course of my life. It always felt so insurmountable when I was a little girl, now, well, I guess it still feels that way, and just so full of possibilities. Thanks for being there all full of airplanes, making the world feel just that much smaller. 

boots .jpg

Getting paint all over my favorite boots, or shifting priorities really. My friend, Veronica told me, "You know you're an artist when you have paint on everything you own." I'm getting there, I hope you are too, in whichever way you're working towards. 

Phew, so I know it's a NYE thing to make resolutions and plans and what have you, but since I'm in the mood.

What I hope for 2015:

  • Travel far and wide
  • Make a difference for someone
  • Build/create/influence/transform things I can be proud of
  • Follow my intuition 
  • Make more friends and learn from others
  • Just f*cking own it
  • Start a Bruce Springsteen cover band in the privacy of my own home
  • See things from other's perspectives more readily
  • Resist less and acknowledge when things need to change
  • Relax more
  • Take more pictures and learn more about my camera
  • Take more risks
  • Throw caution to the wind
  • Be successful, in whatever way that it shows up
  • Take my time and be more generous
  • Finally, an all in all awareness and acceptance of circumstances, may they be good or bad

I wish I could share some cooking pictures of Christmas dinner, but we're having Indian today, with only the slightest objection on my part. I wanted to make nougat and tiramisรบ, and wild rice, and...

Just note, I'm going to be cooking up a storm on boxing day, and no one can stop me. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope it's magical.