A Quick Way To Refresh Lemons and Limes

Can I rant about yoga for a second? I just restarted one of my favorite and the first official yoga book I ever bought, Moving Towards Balance, by Rodney Yee. I think he's an Ashtanga teacher. Either way, the sequences are very structured and move in totally digestible fashion. He also hits some of my least favorite poses, over and over. What I seem to always forget is that I don't like the poses the first time and then after about the third round whatever was stuck in there making it uncomfortable starts to move around, making me feel so much better. I'm a happy little yogi, for sure. I actually moved back to this book from my scattered practice because I was feeling well, scattered. It's nice to practice yoga as a progressive discipline, at least some of the time. As for these limes, I let them sit too long. It drives me nuts to have to waste anything. So, I found away to refresh these lemons in a totally effective and painless way. 

Is it just me, or does it look like there's a person in the reflection of this tea kettle? There's not, at least not that I know of. Spooky. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • past-their-prime limes
  • water
  • a tea kettle

Really really simple Directions:

  • All you do is boil the water in a tea kettle. 
  • Put your limes in a bowl and let them sit in the very hot water for a few minutes until they look plump again.

That's all! You're going to have to use them immediately afterwards, but that's probably why you're doing this anyways. ;)

Have a great one, go do some yoga.