Back From the Forest

Hey there, this is my first bit of good news since coming back from my forest retreat over at the Sequoia Retreat Center hosted by the very talented foodie-yogis Beth and Vyana — I'm on my favorite, favorite, favorite blog today, and there's my picture right up front. I love hello natural

I had an amazing time up there with so much yin yoga, photography, sisterhood and everything else that's good in the world. Like most vacations, I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home. And I, my dears, am tired, and full and happy and busy, and digesting some seriously transformative new knowledge. I'll have to share more about that later because I have a serious amount of photos that need editing ... a super serious amount. They're gorgeous though, not that it was difficult with the girls' sweet little faces and the super glorious scenery and everything just being basically perfect. For now, I need to unwind with some hot coffee and a Scandal/Mad Men marathons. I like to alternate between the two, it's like hoping from present day Washington D.C. to '60s New York City. 

I also got to swing back by way of Big Sur, which is a place that I just love. Again, more pictures to come. 

p.s. it's raining right now, with thunder and everything. Today might be perfect. :)