Beauty Haul: Eco-Friendly Beauty Products To Try

I try to keep my routine as clean as possible. There are thousands of chemicals put into makeup and skincare products that just bum me out. Aside from not treating your body like a junk yard, there's the environment to think about. The countless lab hours that go into creating synthetic products, animal testing, and chemical run-off from laboratories all factor into what I choose to buy. 

If you want to get started learning more about clean beauty habits, Sophie Uliano has a great series of books called Gorgeously Green. I learned a ton and am still learning a ton from them. The one thing I really took away from those was to vote with your money. If you want to see more natural products, buy more natural products. If you appreciate small business, shop your farmer's market for local and in-season produce. It's really pretty simple and it's nice to feel good about every purchase you make, or don't make. Overall, your purchases should reflect your values. I mean you worked hard for that money it should go to something you care about. 

So, it doesn't happen overnight, but one day at a time, turning off one light, spending $3 more for conditioner without added chemicals, it adds up. 

As I write this, I can't help think about all the purchases I've made that are not the best quality or the most sustainably made. My biggest set back is clothes. Good thing we're talking about chemicals and not business practices, because I have a long way to go to reach my fair trade clothing badge, but it's not about being perfect. It's about the desire to improve, and infusing your life with some consciousness about the choices you make and who they affect. Treating your body and the world kindly can and will be harmonious once you get the ball rolling. 

Nobody wants you to give up the things that make you feel confident that's not good for morale, but do recognize that there's power in being a consumer. You make choices that impact your friends, family, community, environment, etc. and corporations are trying to appeal to what you want. So let them know if they choose to put in more natural ingredients you'll pay the $0.50 mark-up. It really is as simple as that. 

I definitely wash my face with either raw honey, or oatmeal. Oatmeal produces natural saponins which will get your face clean and honey contains exfoliating enzymes and is great for acne. If you already have these in your kitchen I would give them a try and just see what happens. Honey leaves skin dewy and oatmeal flour, which can be really messy, will leave your skin soft and is great for oily skin. 

For toner I like either Peach + Aloe Witch Hazel, or Rosewater. They both smell great and are pretty inexpensive and 100% natural. Just apply either with a cotton ball. 

Magnesium oil is sort of like icy hot, it works for achy muscles, but it stings, but it works, but it stings. You can use it for cramps, and even as deodorant, but it stings especially bad after shaving. All you have to do is spray it on. 

If there's one thing you add to your routine, I'd say vitamin C powder. Vitamin C helps to rebuild collagen in skin. Mix with a bit of water and rub it into skin. I can see the difference when I go a week without using this stuff. 

Coconut oil is used for pretty much everything. I use it most to get makeup off and shave my legs. 

I've been using shampoo bars for about six months now. I started with Han's off of Etsy, which I still love, but I've Grandpa's Pine Tar Shampoo for the convenience factor. This stuff is meant to help your hair grow, and treat any scalp conditions. I just want mermaid hair. I don't need the other benefits. :) They make it in liquid form too. So, it's more like actual shampoo. Word to the wise, it smells a bit like a campfire. So, watch out for that. 

Ok, so I was kinda being stubborn about conditioner. I wanted to use apple cider vinegar or nothing at all. It turns out even if I leave it on for just a second ACV leave my hair greasy. It just doesn't work for me. So, I switched over to Acure Stem Cell Conditioner all ingredients are 100% legit. Like way better than products that are twice the price. Serious. 

Beauty from the inside out with vitamin A. Ever heard how carrots are good for your skin? Well they're packed with vitamin A. I started taking three of these tablets a day to deal with skin reactions and in about a week they were 70% gone. 100% gone after 3 weeks. It's also killer for preventing wrinkles. 

Okay, it's not super often that I get excited about toothpaste, but this one, is exciting. I have extra sensitive teeth and this tooth paste is packed with antioxidants, including white tea and pomegranate. It's also loaded up with calcium, ditching the fluoride. 

If I have one beauty pet peeve it's oily body lotion. So, when I say this Nubian Heritage exfoliating body lotion, I had to try it. Its main ingredient is coconut oil, but it's totally not greasy and smells amazing like a tropical paradise. We're you wondering how it exfoliates? Papaya extract. Yup. Amazing. 

Tea tree is another acne fighter. It's a great anti-bacterial and kind of gives a numbing sensation, which also makes it excellent for toothaches or any painful skin conditions. It's strong. It doesn't sting. It's nothing like magnesium, but it might feel like you've lost your senses a bit. 

Phew! That's my round-up. Hope you've gotten some good ideas for your skin care routine.