Beer + Egg Yolk Hair Moisture Mask

Let's just say you're dying to make meringues, you have some left over beer lying around from the night before and you're in need of some extra hair-volumizing love. Sound like your average day? Maybe it's just me. 

I didn't realize these eggs would be so photogenic. I was thinking to myself, "How am I going to make raw eggs and stale beer look attractive?" I guess it's not that difficult, because I think this looks great. 

So, why is beer good for your hair?

Well the malt and hops contain proteins that bind to strands of hair giving it a fuller, healthier look. Plus, B vitamins found in the beer tighten the hair's cuticle. So filling and binding, sounds like a surgical process. Nope, just some stale beer.

This guy at CNN Health, gives a few more reasons to have a beer. This is a solid argument in the case for beer. 

To magnify the effects of the beer and reduce the drying effects of the alcohol, you'll want to cook the alcohol out of the beer on the stove top. 

As for why egg yolks are good for hair, well, sort of the same principle with the high protein content acting as a filler, but also sulfur. (Sulfur?) Yeah, egg yolks contain sulfur that reduces dandruff and feeds your sad, dry scalp. They also contain Vitamins A, D & E. These vitamins can help prevent hair from thinning. So while eating them is great, putting them directly on your hair and scalp will make sure the nutrition goes there first. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Some beer, I had about 12oz from two half empty bottles of beer I stuck in the fridge. Seriously, just use what you have. If you have half a beer that's plenty.
  • Some egg yolks, I used three left over from making meringues. 


  • Put your beer in a saucepan and cook it down to about half its volume. If you're using a whole bottle take it from 12oz to 6oz. This will ensure that most of the alcohol has cooked out. It's ok to use uncooked beer too. You'll still get the same benefits, it just may have a slightly more drying effect. 
  • Separate your eggs. If you don't have a specific use for your egg whites. You can just leave them whole. Although most of the nutrition (in this case) is in the yolk, the whites certainly won't hurt. Do you like how I'm giving you lazy girl options? "Whatever, just throw some beer and eggs in a bowl and get on with it." 
  • If your beer is cooked set it aside to cool before you mix it with your egg yolks. Beer that is too hot will cook the egg. Warm beer is better for this. 
  • Once your beer has cooled down to a luke-warm temperature, slowly mix it with the yolks. The room temperature yolks will cool down the beer if you mix it in slowly. If it looks like they're getting cooked, set your beer aside for a few more minutes. 
  • Apply the mixture to clean, wet hair. It's best to do this in the shower, because you may get egg on your face. (No pun intended.) Well, actually some beer can be good for your skin, too. And eggs will leave your skin glowing. So maybe try an egg beer face mask while you're in there. 
  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes, or as long as you have.