Blackberry Cocktail with Cactus Water + Orange Whisky

Blackberries were on sale for 88¢, which is why I bought a bunch. Also, right next to coconut water I usually buy was this prickly pear cactus water—which I was also unreasonably excited about. Then add in orange flavored whisky and there are just way too many food-related things I am way too excited about coming together in one cup. 

Plus I'm trying my photo presets with different light settings. It's been enlightening. I think they actually worked better without the backlighting I've gotten so used to using. I'm excited to put them up for sale soon. I'm sure I'll stumble across this post someday and wonder why I procrastinated for so long. 

Until I finally feel like they're done, I'll just keep making myself drinks. If you haven't had cactus water before I wish I could explain the taste, but you really just need to try it. It's good, but not really similar in taste to coconut water. It is similar in the way that they both have electrolytes, which are good for keeping you hydrated. As for this drink, it's sweet, but not too sweet. I think the Bermuda Gold I added, gives it a bit of a tropical kick, which pairs well with the orange in the whisky — which is already sweet. Just like the cactus water, you'll just have to try it. 

Here's what you'll need:

serves 4

For the liquor (per serving):


  • Blend blackberries with cactus water - you can strain out the seeds and stuff, if you don't want them, but they're good for you. :)
  • Add in recommended liquor per 1 cup of fluid over ice.