Boston Fern Care Tips

The Boston Fern is a type of nephrolepis fern. Unlike other types of ferns the Boston Fern can better tolerate highlight and low humidity conditions, which makes it a popular plant in all climates. 


  • The plants prefer bright, indirect light.
  • They prefer humid conditions. If you live in a dry climate, mist the plant frequently, 1-2 times per week. 
  • Keep soil moist. One of the most common problems with Boston Ferns is not keeping the soil moist enough. Make sure to test the soil moisture and spray and rinse the leaves often.
  • They prefer temperatures betws 60 and 75 degrees. So, if you keep your plant outside, bring it in when temperatures drop. 
  • To prune cut back dead fonds and leaves. 
  • These plants only need light fertilizer. When fertilizing use 20-10-20 or 15-0-15 and use a liquid or slow release fertilizer during the growth season.