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I'm funny in the way where I'm a little embarrassed to bring my camera everywhere. But every time I do bring it I'm glad I did. I went out hiking with a friend and got some pictures that I'm more than excited to upload to my Society6 page (there are a bunch more on there, plus all of these). A lot of these pictures were just plants in someone's front yard along the way. You can kind of see the house in the background of some of these. One of the other lucky finds on this trip was a man driving an old, vintage car up the mountains. It was pretty sweet to see how proud he was of his car. 

One more thing, I edited most of these the past few days while watching Maarten Scrader's YouTube channel, which I am newly obsessed with. I'm sure if you're looking for some new ideas you'll find something good in there. 

Outdoors + Re-Edits

These are the plants from a post I did for Monrovia quite a while ago. They're still going strong. The ever popular torch cactus is still growing, and even has three new plants coming off of it, which I need to find the courage to prune off and replant. 

I've been playing a lot with LUTs and selective color in Photoshop, and trying some new editing techniques on some recent pictures. I'm a big fan of any shortcuts to cinematic lighting. 

portfolio 1.jpg


I've really been wanting to get some pictures of palms, and this one just sort of stuck out to me on my rainy drive home from lunch with a friend. That's really it, just stopping off by the side of the road for an interesting looking plant. Guess the pictures are a lot more exciting than the story in this case.