Coconut Orange Coffee Scrub

Hey there, did you know there's a super moon tonight and we're also entering the Chinese New Year? That sounds like a lot of cosmic stuff moving around. It's the year of the sheep and we're leaving the year of the horse. I did a smidge (definitely no expert) of reading on this topic and it said the sheep is mellow, artistic, and altruistic. :) That sounds nice right about now. The horse was more about activity, progress, and momentum. I'm pretty curious to see if that held true for anyone else, because I know 2014 was a whirlwind for me, of the best kind of course. I'm definitely looking for some comforts these days. I was on the phone with my sister and I mentioned something about needing a routine. 

I think it was safe to say she was surprised and she proclaimed that I was an adult. I guess I am. I guess, I am. As much as I love running around the country and what have you, I'm definitely at a point where stability, hot tea, daily yoga, long walks, and the occasional vacation sounds amazing. Enter the year of the sheep. I'm putting all my eggs in the domestic basket, please deliver.

In the meantime I'll settle for for nice coffee scrub. :) I added in some sweet orange oil, because I love the invigorating smell of orange with any warm smell, coconut and coffee in this instance. 

Here's what you'll need:



  • Mix all ingredients together. :)


Happy Chinese New Year!!