Cucumber Lemon 1 Minute Facial for Under Eye Puffiness And Inflammation

The best parts of this face mask recipe are a) it's single serve b) long self-life (because it's frozen) c) it only takes a minute to get the benefits d) they're perfect for the shower. I feel like as many activities as I can cram into a shower the better. That sounds like a weird thing to say. What I mean is, I want to wash, tone, brush my teeth, scrub, get a face mask in, and do a deep moisture treatment on my hair, all in one shower. I feel like that's not unreasonable if I get the timing right. And this is one more thing for me to bring into the shower with me.  

So, obviously these are ice cubes and while they might be freezing on your face, the cold is really good for helping things to contact and if you have inflammation and puffiness under your eyes this could be a quick way to tighten them up. Not only are there short term benefits, but long term ones too. For example vitamin C, and its connection to collagen production. The astringent citric acids make a good toner for clean skin to help refine pores. Lemons are also good for lightening spots on the skin, they're great for acne and give you a brighter complexion. The smell is pretty uplifting too. 

So, cucumbers have long been used in spas to soften the delicate skin around eyes, and there's something to this. Apparently cucumbers have an acid called caffein acid which help to fight inflammation. Their high water content is also hydrating, along with vitamin C, which I'm 100% convinced is the greatest thing for your skin. 

So, as to how to use these, you can rub them on your face as is, and/or bring one into a small dish into the shower with you and let it melt and gently rub the cooling mixture into your clean skin. Definitely wash first. Also after reading all the benefits, I'm probably going to end up dropping one of these into warm water every morning, and probably drink it in the shower. #multitasking 

Here's what you'll need:


  • Blend all ingredients
  • Put in an ice cube tray 
  • Freeze for at least four hours
  • Apply to clean skin frozen or let thaw before using as a toner 
  • Rinse well