Dehydrate Whole Roses

So, you may have noticed I'm kind of fond of rose projects like this, this and this. I have a bunch of roses in my yard and I hate to just throw them away after their petals start dropping. So, I dry them instead. The interesting thing about drying whole roses instead of just the petals is they maintain their shape even after they've dried. I've also noticed the petals keep more of their color being dried this way. I don't know what I'll use mine for yet. I kind of just like them as decoration for the time being.

Here's what you'll need: 


  • Take your roses in a bundle and cut a piece of yarn that will easily fit around the stems of the roses. 
dehydrate rose petals 6.jpg
  • Tie the yarn in a large, tight bow with very big loops to hand it from. 
  • Place a thumb tack where you want to hang your roses and place the loop over the tack.
  • The roses should be upside down to dry out properly. 
  • Your roses should dry in 3-5 days.