DIY Rose and Castor Oil Lash and Brow Growth Serum

Of all of the beauty products I've made recently this one is definitely the most used. That might be because it's awesome for daily use, since you don't have to rinse it off and it doesn't feel very oily, and you only put on the tiniest amount. You try putting this lash conditioner on before your mascara, but you definitely have to let it dry first and use sparingly. My favorite way to use it is at night, and let it sink it, and wake up to super soft lashes and brows. So, like most people I have been guilty of over-plucking. Luckily, before it was too late, a hair dresser I had in Monterey convinced me tiny brows were not the greatest, and this was achieved by flipping through endless pictures in the Aveda catalogs, a company that was never big on the no-brow movement. So my brows have been mostly saved, but with age, and hormone fluctuations, and even glandular problems can lead to losing your eyebrows, and while flipping through my pictures I noticed I definitely have phases of eyebrow health. So I give them a little boost when they seem like they need it. As for my lashes, they can just always be longer, and I'll never complain. 

So, castor oil works. I'll post a few links for you to check it out on your own, but it hasn't failed me yet in the hair growth department. If you've never tried it before, a jar of castor oil is about $8, and it's honestly worth it because the results are nuts. People swear by it, myself included. 

Here's one article over at Wellness Mama to check out, and one more from Hair Buddha.

Here's what you'll need:

I added in vegetable glycerin because it helps it spread so much better. You can sub this for aloe vera, if that's more your thing, plus aloe has a cooling quality that is a great mix with castor oil. 


  • Mix all ingredients together and funnel into mascara tubes. 
  • I've had the best results applying it before bed and letting it sink in overnight.