DIY No-Sew Bandeau From A Dress

My sewing skills are nothing to write home about. I can do buttons and sloppy hems and that's it. I'm hoping to get better, but that's in the future. So, as of right now, my sewing skills do not exist, but see I've bought all these things that don't really look that great on me. I mean this dress is really cute and everything, but it's not really the right cut, so I'm going to edit it, to make it something I'll actually wear. I think this is a common problem with thrifters we're like, "Hey it's a buck, throw it in the cart." Hah clothes shopping with a cart, I never really got the full effect of that before. 

Bandeau's always bother me a bit, because I feel like they should cost $5, but they always cost like $40. Irritating. So, to get around it, you can make your own, and all you'll need is an old dress. You're going to want to pick something really high waisted, think empire waist. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • High waisted dress with elastic in the back - it also helps if they have those shaper inserts, so it works more like a real bra. 
  • Scissors


  • First thing you're going to want to do is find where the top and the skirt come together. You can do this by gently pulling on the dress to separate the top from the bottom. You should be able to see where they're sewn together.
  • Turn the dress inside out and cut beneath the sew line. You want to keep the seams in there so the top maintains it's shape. Mine also has elastic in the back that I don't want to damage. So, cutting underneath is really the best option.
  • Once you separate your skirt from the top. You'll want to turn it right side out and clean up the ends of the bandeau and cut as close to the seam as you can.

I'm really happy with the way mine came out. I didn't realize how cool and stretchy the slip fabric was. I'm excited to make something out of that, like maybe an infinity scarf or something. Maybe I could dye it with natural dyes! I think I'll do that. As for the rest of the fabric, I think I may need to learn how to sew to do something with it. Can't be that hard right?