Drying Flowers Plus A Simple Wall Hanging Idea

I. like. makingstuffoutofflowers. I buy flowers so frequently, it's nice to make something out of them, when they've passed their prime. My favorite thing is to make rose water, but this should really be limited to organic rose petals, if you're unsure about the source, maybe just use 'em for decoration. 

A Rant About The New Year: This year honestly feels so much different than years past and not just because I found champagne and chocolates in the back of my jeep the morning after. Everyone has been so positive and there was really no 2014 bashing, not that I encountered anyways. 2015 is definitely the no-resolution year for me. I really just want more of the same. Don't get me wrong there have been ups and downs, but overall last year was a great chance for me to grow. Last year I learned, change is inevitable, running away is futile, you'll be forced to face your issues as many times as it takes to resolve them, but once you do, oh, once you do, not everyone can appreciate the contribution you're trying to make, but it really doesn't matter as long as you can appreciate it. 

My hope (but not resolution) for this year is to take some long, long road trips. I've just felt the call of the open road. I used to move to a new city every couple of years, but I think that's behind me, but I do want to see every corner of this great nation, and maybe a few other nations, too. Maybe not though, I'm afraid my travel obsession is a little centered around me in my jeep with some mutts and sleeping bags in the back, in the good ol' U.S. of A. It just sounds so magical. I hope I go to Montana and Maine and New York City. Although, I've already been to the big apple, maybe I'll go to the big easy instead. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Yarn or twine
  • Wilting flowers
  • Scissors
  • A nail, tack, or hook to hang it from


  • Cut two 4' pieces of yarn. They can be a bit shorter or longer, depending on how high you're going to hang them on your wall. 
  • Tie a loop - I did a slipknot like for knitting, this video should help
  • Put your knot on a hook, nail, or tack and start tying on one flower at a time. Just tie a simple knot, wrap the yarn around the flower and slip the tail end trough. Pictures below.
  • When you go to tie the next flower on overlap them a bit. I started the new flower about 4-6" beneath the end of the flower before it. You don't want them to be too spaced out, especially if you have lots of flowers to hang. 
  • Continue tying on all of your flowers until you're all done.