Easy Strawberry Kefir Sorbet

I've been wanting to make this sorbet since I saw this recipe from Just a Taste. It looked so simple with just a few ingredients. And it is. I changed it a little bit, by using kefir and lime juice instead of yogurt and lemon juice. I never really have yogurt on hand, but I always have kefir, and I prefer the taste of lime, but you can use whichever you prefer. 

I'm trying to think of what's new for me, and basically my obsession with The Mastery of Love continues, as well as, a new obsession with The Four Agreements by the same author. This book was recommended to me maybe 10 years ago, and I am trying so hard to not lament the fact that I didn't read it then, because it is so amazing. In my short time reading the works of Don Miguel Ruiz, I've gained so much piece of mind. I can't say enough good things about it. I tend to be a bit of a worry wart, like if someone read my blog while I was sitting there also, I'd be sweating bullets and wondering what they thought. This is also the second lesson of The Four Agreements, that nothing is personal, if people like stuff, not personal, same if they don't, not personal. So waiting for other people to like my work is me waiting to run into someone who has the same tastes as me, which is great, but also too much waiting, and also what they like or their judgments of good or bad, aren't about me. They're about them. It's simple but still hard to let it fully sink, especially when you've lead a life full of worry of what others might thing. 

He heavily emphasizes building from the inside out. Which is concept we've all heard, but I don't think I got the full effect until I read it the way he puts it. 

I wrote recently about acceptance, and I think the need for acceptance ties in pretty intimately with anxiety, which can rarely be assisted or handled by forces outside of ourselves. This is both a blessing and a curse, because we struggle, struggle, struggle to build our place in the world only to find we are our place in the world. What a concept, right? Basically he teaches: 1. The search is over. 2. Settle in. 3. Love is always the answer. 4. Start by examining your beliefs.  

Those are not the four agreements. It's just a summation of what I've gotten out of it. It's been a lot for me to chew on, in a good way. 

So, this sorbet is good right out of the blender or food processor. It doesn't need a lot of churning in an ice cream maker, and you can eat it right away, or put it in the freezer. It may need to thaw for a few minutes, but not long. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 lb of strawberries or roughly 4 cups -- frozen (very important)
  •  3 tablespoons of sweetener -- I used Sugar in the Raw
  • 1/2 cup of kefir -- I used strawberry
  • Juice from one lime


  • Blend all ingredients well. I used a food processor, but I'll bet a blender would be fine too. 
  • Serve immediately. If made ahead, allow a few minutes to defrost