Gold Hanging Planter Makeover

I needed a hanging planter and I found this one for a quarter, a quarter! The only problem is it was not very useful without any lining. Luckily I had some coco liner around. Since my Boston Fern has been hanging in the same plastic planter for over a week, I decided to pick up this planter and give it a simple make over. This project isn't really much effort, but it can bring a new spin to a planter that is otherwise useless.

I was at Michael's and kinda splurged on this Liquitex Gold Paint. I wish I'd gotten it off Amazon, since it's about half the price, but either way, it was worth it. I did this project in one coat, plus touch-ups and no dripping even though I was painting on metal. Not sponsored, just seriously worth the extra bucks to save the trouble. 

If you have some left over coco liner like I did and it's not in great shape, don't worry. Mine was pretty destroyed. All I did was rinse it and place it inside the planter and it has held up with no leaking. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Metal planter
  • Coco liner
  • Gold Spray Paint - I used Liquitex 
  • You may need a bit more soil to fill your planter depending on the size of your plant.
  • a surface to paint on - I always use this old sheet I got from the Goodwill for my projects. 


  • Rinse off any dirt or residue from your planter before you start painting. 
  • Spray one coat evenly. I found with this paint I had to get a bit closer to my project than the normal 12-18" with other spray paint. I was more like 6" away. I also only needed one coat, seriously pretty impressive. 
  • Set aside to dry for 15-20 minutes before you come back for touch-ups.
  • Fix up any spots that look like they need it and let the paint set for another 15-20 minutes. 
  • Insert your coco liner and place your plant inside. You may need a little bit more soil to fill it out. 

Be careful because the coco fibers will get everywhere, just keep it all in a separate spot until you're done painting.

That's really all there is to it.