Grow Way More Succulent Pups With These Leaves

I'm pretty much shameless about plucking succulent leaves to grow my own pups at home. Some grow one or two, some don't grow at all, and some grow 10-12. Seriously, I was surprised too. I pulled off these leaves and then left them mostly unattended for about a week and each of the crevices in the leaf started to sprout a new pup. It's a really cool plant, too. When they get larger they look like that picture below and they even flower. So, as you can imagine,  I was pretty thrilled to see all this growth, and the pretty much endless potential for growing new plants from these succulent pups. 

I don't know the exact variety of the plant these leaves came form is called, but a similar looking leaf albeit much shorter comes from the, Sedum spurium 'Purpurteppich', which is a ground cover. If you don't have any succulents growing around your neighborhood, then go check out a gardening store to see what their selection for succulents looks like. You may find something similar, which would totally be worth a shot, considering how cool the results are. I'm sure your local nursery owner wouldn't mind too much if you plucked a few leaves for your own gardening experiment. In fact, they probably have a lot more information about growing them than I do, or maybe they'll tell you the exact same thing: Just put them curved side down in some dirt and let them do their thing. 

They probably know a lot more about it than that. :)

Here's what you'll need:

  • Succulent leaves with ridges
  • Soil
  • Spray bottle with water inside


  • Place your leaf curved side down on the soil. 
  • Spray the leaf with room temperature water twice a week to keep it growing. I keep mine in a shady spot inside the house. I think the consistent temperature helps the pups to sprout.
  • Pups should appear within 1-2 weeks. When pups are large enough to plant on their own, detach them from the mother and place them gently in some new soil to establish roots. 


If anyone finds this exact variety, let me know. I'd be glad to know them name of them for the future.