Growing Lemon Basil Indoors

I love basil, particularly in making tinctures and cleaning products. I love it's mellow, calming, unique fragrance. My plant is actually lemon basil, which is a super fragrant hybrid also referred to as Thai lemon basil. As you can see, its leaves are flatter than traditional basil leaves. They are also smaller and tapper off. This plant produces tiny white flowers, that are edible and make a good decoration for salads. This plant has the distinct smell of basil, mixed with the strong scent of lemon, similar to that of lemon balm, which makes it one of the sunnier varieties of basil. 


Prefers well drained soil - This means plant it higher in your garden if planting outdoors. If growing indoors, make sure to choose a pot with adequate drainage.

Prefers humid climates - I'm growing mine indoors, so I water it once every other day. It's also not very warm, or humid where I live. So, it needs the attention. It's also good to spray the leaves frequently. The soil tends to dry out easily, so I make sure to keep it hydrated. 

Needs sunlight - This plant will do well in a south facing window, where it can get a variety of sunlight. There's some debate about how much sunlight this plant needs. Mine gets about 8 hours of sunlight a day and does well.

Fertilize! - As much as every two weeks, especially if indoors. High nitrogen fertilizer, such as bloodmeal, will keep basil leaves flourishing. 

Pick the Flowers - This plant seeds through flowers, which means if the flowers aren't picked the plant will spend lots of energy into growing the flowers and less energy into growing leaves. The plant will suffer for future generations, kinda cute, but not for your garden. So, pick the flowers and use them to make an impressive looking salad. 

Prune - Most herbs are grown to be used, which means they're accustomed to being plucked and pruned back. If you see your plant suffering and wilting and the fertilizer, sunshine and water just aren't cutting it, it may be time to well, cut it.