Growing Pineapples: Step 1

pineapple 4.jpg

Full disclaimer: I may not be the best person to help you grow pineapples. I've failed many a times over. But then again, this may make me the best person to do it, determination and all. Plus, I've picked up one or two things along the way, and my tenacity is in full throttle so, there's always that. 

First what you'll need to do is twist the top off of your pineapple. To do this just grab the top firmly and it'll twist right off. 

From here all you do is pull off the lower leaves and expose the little brown roots. The leaves can be a little tough to pull off, but once you get started it gets easier. 

And there may be more than you think there are. It's not a big deal if you go higher up. The pineapple grows from the center, and a lot of the outer leaves will die off anyway.

For this round I placed mine directly in soil instead of starting it in water. I really want to make it as simple as possible, and plus I'm not convinced starting them in water makes all that much difference. Plus transitioning the plant to soil may be a bit of more work than you or the plant actually need to do. 

That's all there is to starting your new pineapple. I keep mine indoors in a sunny window and water about once a week.