Half Painted Terra Cotta Planters

Since I’ve began my adventures in indoor gardening, I’ve been looking a lot at different planters. I just couldn’t justify paying $15 for a planter that didn’t even particularly match my home. So, when I came across these Terra Cotta pots for $1.25 (brand new, I didn’t even thrift them) I was so excited to get them home and fix them up to go perfectly with the combination of natural and painted materials I have scattered about.

It’s difficult to get a perfect line, because the material is porous and the paint just wants to soak in and spread, so I made sure to use tape to get the cleanest lines I could.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Terra Cotta planters
  • soap – I used Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
  • indoor paint
  • clear seal
  • painter’s tape
  • paint brush


  • Clean your pots with soap, make sure you're starting with a clean surface and set aside to dry.
  • Once your pots are dry apply painter’s tape down the center of the pots. I used to pieces of tape and connected them at the bottom. It made it easier to get the tape to lay smooth.

Then paint! Make sure and paint slightly inside your pot if it is going to be visible.

  • Once your coats of paint are dry, apply the seal. Only apply the seal to the painted side while the tape is still on. Even though it leaves a clear coat over paint, it will show up on the Terra Cotta.
  • The last step is to remove the tape.

All done! I have some other ideas I want to try for different planters too.

It's important to use the seal coat for your paint because otherwise it can get stained and dirty. You wouldn't want to do all that work for nothing.

The middle planter is my cigar box planter. Learn how to make it here.