Happy New Year + Things I Love 1.1.16

Maybe it's just me, but this New Years didn't feel exciting at all, which kind of made me feel worried. But upon further inspection I'm pretty sure it's a good thing. Most years I look back and think about how quickly the time went by, and how I planned to do so much more and everything. This year I feel like, I've done enough, like maybe too much. Like if 2016 goes like 2015 then basically I don't need any resolutions because I can trust myself to inspect life as it moves, and I don't know what I'll want in December of 2016 and if I limit future Adrienne to specifics, well I know how she gets about that. Third person because future me doesn't exist yet.

I've grown. I've changed. I've moved. I've moved some more. Made some new friends. Let go of some old ones. Let some new family in. Let go of some family I never liked in the first place (like the embarrass you in public kind... and private, come to think of it. Just bad people.) Found it funny how I ever thought it was worth hanging on. Grew. Shrunk. Grew. Got a new job. Learned a bunch about everything. A bunch. Spent plenty of days by the beach doing nothing. Spent plenty of days hustling. Honed my skills. Stuck things out. Eat great food (and also some gas station hot dogs, because you know I like balance). Made mistakes. A bunch of them. Stopped doubting myself. Stopped doubting my feelings. Put plenty of miles on my Jeep. More than enough to make me proud. Put up with way less, because who has time? Learned to stop romanticizing or demonizing the past. Learned I'm no one's martyr and compromising yourself is for the birds. Learned that if I'm uncomfortable, it might just be the situation, and not some inherit flaw. Learned a bit about patience. Learned a bit about my flaws. Learned a bit about my strengths.

But my most important lesson of 2015 has by far been letting shit go. Like throwing it off a cliff and not even standing there long enough to watch it land. I think this kind of lends itself to a certain degree of personal freedom. There are times to stick it out and certainly people worth sticking it out for. Then there are those other times, and there are definitely those other people. Having the wisdom to discern is what's most challenging. I feel I've made progress in that direction and for that I'm grateful. So thank you 2015 for being kind of a hot mess, because it's brought me to a point where I'm excited about pretty much every aspect of my life.

Oh, and I recently made an unreasonable amount of online purchases, so get ready for me to start posting about all the stuff I've bought. It's going to be really annoying and awesome. It'll be great.

The things I love for the New Year are:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.52.22 PM.png

When little kids describe love and it reminds you to stop being such an ungrateful asshole. source: head on your chest on tumblr

If I could get one or both of my dogs to this that would be awesome. Highly unlikely, but awesome. source: Steel Bison

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.55.57 PM.png

When ladies support each other and it reminds you to stop being such an asshole. source: Free People on Instagram

This bit of magic from a home in Byron Bay. I think I've included something else from this photo collection in another of the Things I Love features, either way it's worth a look because it's wonderful: babies and beaches and old cars.. wonderful source: The Grace Tales

Rustic potted plants. I need to get off the internet shopping and into the thrift stores. Bonus: I'm cool to do both in my jammies. source: Gardenista

Everything that's happening here. source: Brea Basic Skirt on Boohoo