Homemade Tortilla Chips

Salsa! I mean chips! Salsa is coming soon. First, you have to make your own tortilla chips. You have to! Why? It's so easy + way, extra delicious. Okay, so you don't have to have homemade tortilla chips, but they will impress your guests. Plus, they're shelf stable. So, you can just keep 'em around, until someone comes over to impress. 


If that's not reason enough, they put chemicals in your chips. Seriously guys? As if eating fried, salted corn isn't bad enough, now we need carcinogens? It's my humble opinion that America's health epidemic is not as much about the salt or fat and what have you, but the chemicals. Our bodies don't recognize all that junk, because, it's not what you'd call... food. Bodies need food. End of story. So, make your own tortilla chips and have your own silent protest. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Tortillas - I used white corn 
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper Towels
  • Skillet


  • Cut your tortillas into quarters or sixths depending on how big you want them. I used 30 tortillas cut into quarters and it made 120 chips. Lay out three layers of paper towels. I reused mine as I went along. After I salted the chips and they were dry from the oil, I put them in a bowl and used the towels again for the next round of chips. 
  • It's best if you can leave your tortillas out overnight to air dry. They should be a bit stale when you start. They'll fry better that way. If yours aren't stale just turn your oven on to 200° F and place the cut tortillas in a single layer on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes.
  • My cookie sheet fit about 16 chips. While I was frying the first batch I just put another in the oven, no timer. It worked out well. If you're afraid you'll forget, set a timer. 
  • Heat your vegetable oil on the stove. The amount of oil you'll need will depend on the size of your skillet. I filled my skillet with about 1/2 inch of oil to start with. You may need to add more as you go along. The oil should be 350° F. It helps if you have a thermometer. I don't, I set my stove to a 7 on a 1-10 scale. The oil should not bubble until you put the tortilla in. So, if it starts to smoke or bubble on it's own take it off the burner and use a lower the setting. 
  • All you do from here is drop your chips into the skillet and let them fry. I took about 10 seconds on each side to make sure they were nice and brown and crispy. 
  • Once they're fried, remove them from the pan with a spatula. Then place them on a paper towel to let the excess oil drain. 
  • Salt 'em! I like to put the salt on while they're drying on the paper towel, but you can wait until they're all fried and salt them together. Also, you can toss them by stacking to large bowls and making a big shaky, salty circle. 

I made purple salsa, too! You're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out how. Hint: not food coloring, because, I just, never. Maybe I'll share the basic salsa recipe first. I need to build even more suspense for the purple salsa.