Things I Love Featuring Denise from Wunderkid

I love when the Things I Love are about the people in my life. Denise is opening up shop — the Wunderkid shop. It's a collection of student artists, between high school and college age who can sell their art by way of Denise's detailed scope. The real foundation of this company is her desire to help inspire young artists to keep at it. As an illustrator herself she knows the common pitfalls, which is why community is so important. People with more authority showing others the way. In my humble, free-spirited opinion Denise is the best gal for the job. She's got this way of telling you something is good in a way that makes you feel like you're the one being ridiculous if you don't believe her. She's done it — ehrm does it — for me. See we all need guiding light, a foothold, somewhere to fall should we slip out of touch with what our true values are, and when you're at it alone, that's all too easy. So, if you're a student artist or just looking for something new to adorn your walls might I suggest you gander over to the Wunderkid gallery or just take a look at my designated favorites. 

I'm pretty much into anything with cigarettes. I guess that's just me. If you remember from a while ago when I did my review for Punkpost, I dug those smoking picks too. So rebellious. So James Dean.  

Fun fact about Niagara Falls: It is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners. As a person who's been both to the Canadian side and the American side I can tell you it's magical. I can also tell you the Canadian side is better. Back to the honeymooners, so all of this flowing water produces negative ions which makes your body produce positive ions, making you feel better about marriage. Hah, that's a joke at married people's expense, sorry guys.   

The full moon has the opposite effect. It produces positive ions making the rest of us produce the negative ones making us all act kinda moody and weird. 

Back to talking about art. I guess I'm partial to watercolor, mixed media, and photography. I just love the texture of these, plus it's so amazing to watch someone go through the process with watercolors. They spread so easily and there's really no going back. You just work with what you've done. 

Then someone does something like this and adds in unexpected colors in a way that's just perfect. 

The textures that water makes are so insane to me. I like it best when the waves are pulling back and it looks like the marbled fat in a steak. 

Then there's Frida. Frida's always a good choice, vulnerable, strong, and always interesting. 

I just love the use of color in this one. Her skin is almost believably pink. I want to see someone walking around like this. 

I always regret when I don't pay my ode to Pinterest in the Things I Love series. So, here go all of the things that made me have all the best feelings on Pinterest this week. 

I love palm reading. I wish I knew more about it. One of these days I'll take a class. source: Sugar High and Love Stoned

My daydreams these days consist of balconies. Mine have an ocean view in front, but this doesn't look too bad either. source: j'adore

This is reality. It is too hot for clothes in LA. Too hot. Where's the rain? It's been five years of dry and hot. #bringbackrain source: The Imaginary World of Miss Christine

I need to start taking more photos like this on white background with bright flowers. I could sell 'em to folks to build their websites. I think it's a good idea. source: Magnolia Rouge

I am so into orange these days. Also, I need a melon baller. This drink is called The Sunnyside, by the way. I love that. source: Williams-Sonoma

I couldn't help but buy this bra. Mine's black and it's one of my new favorite things for sure. source: Urban Outfitters

So many amazing things happening here. I should buy more adorable linens and pick more roses. This is a creamsicle smoothie,  in case you want to find it. :) source: JJ Begonia 

Some days I wish I had tattoos, but I don't think they're for commitaphobes. I could get that bikini though. source: Planet Blue

Where do I get a perfectly faded sofa? There's a fiddle leaf palm there too. I also need one of those. source: New Zealand Design Blog

Yes, just yes. We should all do what we want, especially if what we want is also what we're good at. source: hp lyrikz

I always need more flowers. source: The Classy Issue

I want to diy some planters like that one with the eye on it. I think it's a pretty good idea. Feel free to do it first. source: Happy Interior Blog

I need this to happen to me. source: Cooper Surf

That top is perfect. I wonder if my knitting skills are sufficient to pull this off. They might be, if I take my time and have a really good pattern. source: Petticoat

Jeans always seem like such a good idea, but we all know jean shopping is the worst. I have one pair that fits and one that doesn't and that is the deal with my jeans situation. source: Urban Outfitters