Things I Love Thursday

Get ready for the most nostalgic Things I Love Thursday, ever. 

Hello, Los Angeles, you're beautiful as usual!

I thrifted this slip. I love it. I need a kimono to layer it with and some tall boots and I'll be set. I also splurged on that Free People sweater from a skate shop I worked at 10 years ago. I used to be a thrift store junkie. I'd leave with $60 worth of stuff, most of which would never get worn. I'm a much more selective shopper now and I try on everything. I recommend it, avoid the clutter and the headache of taking stuff back to the thrift store. Invest in things you'll really appreciate and take care of. It's worth it.

I found these sunglasses! They were my dad's and I was sure I'd lost them. I was even having lunch with a friend who pulled out her dad's old Ray-Bans, and I felt the old tinge of nostalgia for my own lost sunglasses.

I was sure they were gone forever, but low and behold they've been hanging out in my grandpa's fruit bowl since Christmas. If that weren't enough, I found a Manduka yoga mat I thought I'd lost 4 years ago. I almost cried this weekend. 

I just love little details, like the hem of this slip. 

This camel planter is one of my favorite things ever. Something very special will get planted in his camel hump. He's also going to get a name. I don't know what yet, but something good. 

things i love thursday 13.jpg

Plucking succulents left and right as I walk down the street. I'm not even shy about it anymore. Wouldn't that be the most awkward thing to approach someone about? "Excuse me miss, you can't have plants." Yes, yes I can. 

Look at this shelf of potential. I'm partial to that pot on the far right. The one with the pattern. Such a good idea. 

I planted this rosemary three years ago, glad to see it's still thriving. I'm gonna get lousy with some rosemary recipes. I've already done a few like this and this. There's my old yoga mat in the background. All it needs is a good wash. Four years in the backyard and not even faded. 

Look at the world's prettiest tree litter. I'm going to start dehydrating these petals, too. 

I love how this leaf is patterned. I wonder what kind of bug ate this plant. 

These are a few throwbacks, to about a month ago. I'm just flip-flopping from one beautiful place to the next. Woe is me.

Wild Horse.jpg

Still so amazed by this stray horse. I took this photo through my car window. So, that should explain the glare. 

I have so many cool ideas for this old Dr. Hauschka tin. I totally believe in this company's business principles, in case you're wondering.