How to Keep Root Veggies Fresh in the Fridge

Ever picked up a fresh, leafy, colorful bunch of carrots at the farmer's market and when you go to use them the next day they're kinda sad looking? Yeah, well you're not alone. I've had this problem with root veggies often. Apparently, if you buy your root vegetables with the greens still attached, the tops will continue to grow even in the fridge. This takes the nutrients from the root, which is the part you want to cook with and dedicates it to growing the leafy part of the plant.

If you want to resolve this issue here's what you can do:

  • Cut the leafy tops off of your vegetables and store them separately. If I am using beet greens I place them in water this keeps them fresh, same goes for cilantro, parsley and celery.
  • Place the carrots or other root vegetable in water to hydrate and keep them healthy until you're ready to use them. 
  • Make sure to change the water often, at least every other day.