Lavender and Rosemary Dipping Oil

I made this Lavender and Rosemary Infused Oil a few weeks ago, and this dipping sauce is what came from it. Since I have homemade bread just lying around, I obviously needed something to go with it. Making any kind of dipping oil is super simple. You can add fresh or dried herbs to it, if you want. Be careful with garlic, read about that here. Aside from the dangers of garlic, making dipping oil to go with bread or to put on salads is basically, basic. It's two ingredients oil and vinegar. When that's all you've got to work with, it's a really good idea to focus on quality ingredients. Well, it's always great to get the freshest and highest quality you can, it just makes everything come out that much better. But especially in this case.  

Here's what you'll need:


  • Mix oil and vinegar together and shake well before serving.