Lavender Mint Himalayan Salt Scrub or Soak + Reusing Candle Containers

I haven't written in four days, but so many great, food-related things have happened. I went with a friend to the Venice Farmer's Market yesterday, which was a lot more cozy and low-key than I would've pictured. The day before that I went to Malibu Farm, which was amazing — the view, the food, everything, not the parking, but everything else. On top of that I'm wrapping up the finishing touches and checking for typos in my post for Out of the Box Collective. I'm super happy with how the photos are turning out. Oh, I've got my book club rolling and I got my first book in the mail, The Gabriel Method. Still time to join if you want to sign up. I keep saying the more the merrier, but it's probably better to keep it small. This is something I'll have to learn through experience, I guess. Either way, the link is over in the side bar. There are still spots. :)

While at the Venice Beach Farmer's Market, I bought myself some greens to grow at home. I couldn't be more thrilled. One of the things I waste most at home is lettuce and kale. Now that I'll be growing them I'll have more of a process with them. I'll be more excited about seeing them grow and change and when I finally get a chance to eat them, that'll be the best. I love making things at home, less waste and making things simpler. 

In this scrub I added a bunch of extras that you don't necessarily need to add, but you're welcome to. I've actually been using this scrub as more of a soak, because of the vitamin C and minerals primarily. I want them to get really absorbed into my skin.

Here's what I added and why:

Vitamin C: Helps skin rebuild collagen making skin more resilient and younger looking. It's also a great antioxidant.

Eucalyptus oil: I added this because I am singularly obsessed with the smell of eucalyptus these days. Turns out it's pretty good for the throat chakra too, which makes sense because it's a great oil if you have any respiratory problems. 

Apricot Oil: I often sing the praises of apricot oil, but in this I added it to bring in a little moisture since salt soaks are detoxifying and could use a bit of oil to balance out of the skin. 

Here's what you'll need:

The containers I used were from old candles that I had. It's super simple to clean them out. All you do is boil a small amount of water and let the wax melt and wipe it out with a paper towel. Do this until all of the wax is gone. Run them through the dishwasher and then you're good to go. 


  • Once you've gotten the wax out of the old candles, all you do is mix all the ingredients together and put them in the containers.