Less Of What You Should, More Of What You Want

There is so much advice out there. Just, so much of it, while riffling though it may be difficult to know which of it is for you.

Maybe, none of it. Really, though. That's ok. 

Relationships, indie business, diets, self-care, music, and any other category under the sun is loading with information of shoulds and should-nots. 

But is any of it really for you? 

Maybe not. 

Do you ever wonder how trends get started? They start by one person who looks at something old or something new or something geeky or something chic and thinks, "It's not what everyone else is doing, but I like it."

Then other people see it and they can decide if they like it or they don't like, because they're free to do either. 

The same goes for life advice or in my particular case, business advice. On any given day I find a spectacle of head spinning advice and while I, 100% appreciate the efforts of the people producing the work and some of it is, really, quite, life-changing — it just feels like there is so, so much of it. 

Translating into so many things I should be doing, but am not. While I can totally appreciate a good strategy and action plan, I think the number one thing in life, love, or business is to define your own standards. Like that ugly shirt you wore unapologetically that time, and someone loved it and someone hated it, but regardless it was perfect for you that day.  

The number one thing I used to worry about when I thought abut getting older was, losing myself. That I would somehow, day-by-day change into someone I didn't recognize. Maybe by straightening up my act, compromising my values, feeling less and less free. But see that way just my projection, not my reality, not my reality at all. As a matter of fact the older I get the more me-ish I get. I'm just me with more experience, refinement, and even more uncompromising. 

See, that's the thing about all aspects of life, you want the things you love to meet you where you are and grow out together, not bending and breaking to make something you saw someone else do, work for you. 

I've shared this quote before, because it's basically my favorite thing ever. I, also think it should, I mean could if you want, be what you strive for. 

Less of trying what others have tried and more of peeling back layers to find what you really want to do, whether that's learning to replicate Picasso's while standing on your head, or running your hands through the sand while quietly contemplating your thoughts. None of it is wrong, or right, for that matter, because what fits into your life, doesn't necessarily fit into all lives and following your own little heart and soul only encourages others to do the same, not the exact same thing as you, but more like in the same vain as you. :) Don't we all want that?

Say yes. Ok, now out loud.

Happy New Year and I hope you commit to being more and more you each and every year, day, and minute.