Life Lately + A Photo Dump

You know what's weird? Airplanes. I mean two guys were just sitting around thinking wouldn't it be cool if we could just fly places, and then they did. I suppose it's a bit more complicated than that, but it all starts with an idea. I live about 30-45 mins from LAX so I see a lot of airplanes during my daily yoga practice. They're so commonplace anymore, but it still seems pretty remarkable to me. 

Good news, really good news I'm the photographer for Rise. What? I know. I'm actually really nervous about the event. It feels a bit like summer camp and I'm hoping people like me. I wish I were kidding. I'm sure everyone is just so sweet. 

I've been getting back in touch with my yogi roots, specifically my root chakra. It represents your connection to the earth, stability, etc. I've definitely been unplugged for a while, adrift you could say. I used to teach this Karma Yoga class back when I lived in SLO. What's Karma Yoga? Well, you teach yoga for the karma points, basically. Well, you do it to do something good for other people who may or may not have access to it, the good karma is just a bonus. You do it because you're a kind, generous person. Not to toot my own horn, but uh .. I can't it's too cheesy. 

There's always the ocean to calm my nerves, but I am so, so homesick. I am super excited to be getting out of Los Angeles for a while and into the woods. 

So much in a photograph, right? I miss the normalness of home, not to say I want to move back. I just want one amazing weekend, scratch that, month. Just like one really good month (not in the summer) to hang out and go floating or something. 

Of course, I'll go to Three Rivers, too. :) This was last summer. I was just in the right place at the right time. I barely knew how to use my camera then, but I guess I figured it out. :)

These red flowers definitely help me with my root chakra practice. Trying to get back down to my baser self. It's been pretty rewarding already to feel more connected. :) When I first started yoga 11 years ago, I used to roll my eyes at the thought of chakras, but as I grow with my practice, they're really the best part. If you're on the fence, give 'em a shot. It worked or me. :)


Feeling super grateful that there are always flowers. 

I know they're wild, but I really just want to make one of these squirrels my pet. I saw one lying on his belly the other day. I almost had a cuteness seizure.