Maca Coconut Latte

I'm a little obsessed with maca, like if maca were a guy, I'd probably have a crush. Just makes me feel good. Also, I feel like this is the fourth beverage recipe I've made, in a row, like for all of fall and winter I'm just going to teach you to make tea, but like cool tea, fancy tea. This isn't actually tea, because I believe tea is always made from leaves, or herbs, or sometimes flowers like in the case of lavender and chamomile. Maca is a root, like a beet, or a turnip. So, I've mentioned recently the benefits of maca on stress hormones, but it's also good for fertility, hormone balance and is high in antioxidants. 

My maca powder is a little browner than the other types of maca because it's mixed with cocoa powder. This kind also has a little bit of ginger in it. I'm pretty sure you can make it with any kind you have around. I used sweetened almond milk, and no other kind of sweetener. Also you can mix in a little cocoa powder to give it a little more dimension, but I use a relatively small amount (1 tsp) of maca/cocoa mix that it's not an overpowering cocoa or maca flavor. There's also not a very strong coconut oil flavor either, nor does it feel oily, at all. I think it's the blending it and mixing it with almond milk. It gets really emulsified, and everything just blends together nicely. I have a popular coconut oil recipe that I put in tea where the coconut oil always separates. And sometimes I like drinking it like that, but it doesn't happen with this recipe.

Here's what you'll need:



  • Mix maca powder and coconut oil in hot water. 
  • Add in almond milk and blend.