Mantra Monday: Make Your Own Sunshine

"Some people create their own storms then complain when it rains"

So, what a week. Anyone else having this week? I can't even list the enormity of the annoyances I've encountered in this seemingly routine, 7 day cycle. 

(Nerd moment: I could never list an enormity. Because a list is quantitative and an enormity is a measure of size, and thereby qualitative. I just have to let my left brain win sometimes.) 

It's been a test, but the good thing about tests is that you have the opportunity to pass them. And if you don't pass the first time, you get a redo. Actually, there is no other option but a redo. Something, conventional education gravely misrepresents.

If only life were actually like school and you blow it the once, and you just get to move on.

In real life, you're going to have to dust off that mess, pick it up and carry it with you until you get it. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just throw those life lessons in the trash with all your D's and F's.

Ah, If only life could be more like high school algebra. 

This week has forced me to reflect. Reflect on what can stay and what is better for me to leave alone. While I'm a big fan of taking inventory, and ridding anything that doesn't belong — It does seem like the whole world has brought their crazy to the front this week, which makes me feel better and worse, at the same time. 

While looking at everything that has accumulated in life, it's important to acknowledge the parts that I'm accountable for, which may be all of it. Maybe, I think some of the things in my life are for sure someone else's fault. (I'm only half kidding)

Do I create my own storms?

Do I have to answer that?

One thing I've realized I do is, stay in the storm for far too long. When really I don't have to sit around trying to understand it, to you know, get above it. At any moment I can just stop and do/think/act on something else, instead of sitting around thinking about the one thing that probably doesn't deserve the attention I've given it. 

Fall resolution: Let the storm pass and dance in the rain more often. 


So many love songs written for Los Angeles, I like this one best.