Things I Love Thursday

I am super blessed to know more than my share of sweet, free-spirited, lovely, creative people. One of the sweetest is my friend Veronica who just opened her Etsy store, which will inevitably be super popular because she's just like a little magnet for happy things. Plus, she's always at work on new creations.

I also love that blogging is getting easier and more natural and not going the other way. I've really loved reading Blog Life from A Beautiful Mess and their tips on blogging, being yourself on your blog, and sharing from their wealth of personal experience. 

I bought new shoes, which look suspiciously like all my other shoes. I think a well developed sense of style is underrated. No trends for this girl, just a bunch of digging through piles of "cool" things I have no interest in, until I find something floral, super soft and classic. 

Do you like my first attempt at crocheting? It's pretty pitiful, but we all learn by making mistakes, right? I've heard people either take to crocheting or knitting. I'm a decent knitter, who's convinces she will get to the bottom of this crocheting thing yet!


I bought a drop spin! I'm convinced this will be my greatest obsession yet! I'm busy watching videos, trying to learn before I destroy all this yarn. 

It came with a free ounce of wool, I choose grey (or is it gray?). I have a thing for grey these days. I wonder what that says about me? I looked it up and it's not terribly positive. I feel like it's a comfortable, compromising, comforting color. That's my assessment.  

Speaking of grey, these shoes may be my next melancholy purchase. 

I love love love all the roses that I've been growing! Added bonus, once they've matured I can save the petals and let them dry out in a box to make sure I never run out of rosewater

I also love my filtered shower head. It might be the single most important change in health and beauty care. I read in one of the Bragg's books that you can absorb as much toxicity from a 20 minute shower as from drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water a day, yikes!

Farmer's market day is my favorite day! I always learn something from the people who so passionately grow their own food. On the left is a Stiped Roman Tomato, it's got a slightly squishier texture and a pleasant citrusy taste.