Most Popular in August

I am, at the present time, reading three books (and working on a new business, but that's a secret) I'm sure you will hear tidbits about all of the above over the passing months. For reference I'm reading Power vs. Force, by none other than Dr. Hawkins, who uses applied kinesiology to test your own vibrational frequency. The next is The Gabriel Method which employs all different kinds of techniques to figure out why your body wants to hang out to weight. Hint: it's usually related to safety. Last but not least, I'm reading The Artist's Way, which I'm already sure will change the course of my entire life. That's just how I feel about that. 

I was up late last night and I was looking at my blog stats, particularly for the most popular project this month which was Lavender Mint Scrub. There were people looking at it in Australia, Russia, France, Norway, Denmark, and Greece — all at the same time. I think that's so sweet. Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and being interested in what I do here. Feeling the global love.

So, typically every month I make new goals for myself. For me this month, I want to eat all of my food seated, none of this grab a bit here, shove this in your pocket for later nonsense. I want to actually sit down and eat food, like I was raised to have some sense of value about what I eat, and maybe appreciate that I get to eat at all. I'm really fighting off a 'there are starving children' rant. Really, fighting. There are starving children, appreciate your food. Goal, numero dos, finish said secret business. Get designs on present business all finished up and ready to go. 

... but mostly just sit and eat my food. 

Just for fun, if any of you are into etymology, The Free Spirited, basically breaks down to: to love and breathe. Look it up. I love that. May you all love and breathe. Hope your August was wonderful and enjoy the last bits of summer. Where ever you are I hope you get to run a bit on a beach somewhere before summer ends. Yes, a beach by a lake counts too. Every state has a lake, get there, run. Also, be barefoot. Happy summer!

1. Lavender Mint Himalayan Salt Scrub