Most Popular In January

Februarrry, I have Valentine's posts planned that I'll probably never get to. I have so, so many things planned. I've seriously found that the longer I go on the more ideas I have. I have a stack of post-its, blog drafts, iPhone notes, and notebooks full of things I want to do. It's gotten kind of obnoxious. I think I'm going to make a legitimate system one of these days. I'm just going to put the ideas all in one place because there's not possible way I'll follow an actual editing schedule. There's just no way. My little brain just doesn't work that way. It works more like a spider map than a bar graph. I was totally paying attention in the 8th grade. Totally paying attention. 

I've learned to work within my chaotic nature rather than against it. 

Other revelations, my birthday is in April and every year after New Years, I start counting myself a year older, and like most of us on the shadow side of 25, I'm not exactly happy about it. Not this year, I'm going to revert to a childlike state of excitement and count down the days to my birthday. I'm going back to birthday celebration mode. I'm tired of the dread, changing my perception. That's all there is to it. After all, I'll be getting older my whole life, might as well get excited about it.

1. Homemade Tiramisu

Want to know what made it to the top of my list? This song. Thanks for reading. :)