Most Popular in January

January is over. I didn't actually notice it, at all. Which I think is a good thing. A lot has changed, but also a lot has settled down. I think a lot of people feel this way this time of year. Kind of getting back into a routine. I recently picked up a side-gig working as a freelancer for the developing Bead and Reel blog. I'm excited to do it, because a lot of what I write about represents women's interests and the environment, making lasting change, and so on. That's kind of my thing. It's nice for me to get into that head space more often. It's easy to lose sight of these things, particularly when you're busy, but having a reason to make more responsible choices is nice for me. Some, if not all of it will probably carry over here, which I'm also excited about. It reminds me of this quote by Dr. Weil I read a long time ago (I just Googled him and found out he is 73 and looking jolly and healthy as ever) he said something to the effect of, when we fall out of good habits, we often learn something new that brings us back with more enthusiasm than before. In effect, that slide back often makes you better than before. So if you're beating yourself up over not fulfilling your New Year's Resolutions, just learn something new and call it a day. That's my year long plan.