Most Popular in July

Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the blue moon. They don't come around too often so they can really shake things up I hope you experienced that in the best way. The coolest blue moon story I've heard is how my sister while forest foraging and camping saw a bear, who picked up her backpack and promptly left it alone because there was no food only iPods. I guess bears aren't too keen on those. So, if your blue moon story is not as exciting as that, don't worry, neither is mine. I stayed home reading Barbara Stanny's Overcoming Underearning and it was on of those 'I have to close this book and walk away right now' reads. It strikes so many nerves that you though you could just bury somewhere under your intricate series of connective tissue and muscular structure forever and ever until you die poor and alone. So, I took lots of breaks from this book and finally at night I did some Yin Yoga and just let it all out and back into the earth to be reabsorbed as something better than what I've been using it for. 

One thing this book made me realize is, how painfully insecure I am. I had no idea. I think lots of us get this way when we're forced to examine ourselves, we just kind of skim over it because it's hard. It is hard. It's also worth it. There's also Yin Yoga at the end, but most of us don't get to the painful and bitter end, because we never begin. I, my dears, began. Hard. I'm still reeling in the pieces from the after shock that is my life. Gratefully and humbly so, but still a bit shattered from all I've discovered about myself by way of this book. 

I wish I were in Venice at the maker's market right now, instead of thinking about underearning and all the horrible things I've played on the reel in my mind, but I'm not. I'm self-discovering and sometimes that's a pain in the ass and sometimes the gross stuff that comes up is meant to teach us something and sometimes we're not ready, but you should always start before you're ready. I've learned that much for sure. 

Blue moons and self discovery aside, there is still life on this planet where I make homemade blush and tacos and tiramisu and grapefruit rinse for my hair and all of those good things that make getting your hands dirty so, so worth it. 

Here's the most popular this month:

1. Homemade Tiramisu