Most Popular in June

These most popular posts are getting to really be my favorites. I mean I love everything I do on here, but getting a little reflective and seeing how far I've come is pretty rewarding, especially in months where I feel like I haven't done enough — which is every month and "enough" is totally relative to my self-judgement. I've just had a tiny epiphany. I'm going to come up with a mantra, but I won't share it because I guess you're not supposed to. It makes sense actually, the not sharing part, it dissipates your energy too much (as asking others for input and opinions does) and kinda lessen the conviction of your goal. I'll keep my convictions and mantras to myself. Maybe I can share them in retrospect, once I've learned what I wanted to learn already. Look at me planning, getting all retrospective, I guess that full moon in Capricorn is working already. Also Venus and Jupiter are visible this month, take a look up tonight, especially if you haven't in a while. 

The Numinous and Cosmic Queen always have do a stellar and stylish job of explaining the moons to me. 

My goal last month was to only shop at farmer's markets. I think it was abut 75% to 25% to my credit. What can I say? I need mangoes. I might give myself extra points by picking my own produce, but really it's about progress not perfection, dear reader. Progress, not perfection. My goal this month is to feel more joy, like rolling down hills and cartwheels on the front lawn kind of joy. 

1. DIY No-Sew Bandeau