Most Popular in November

Hello, it's December. December 5th to be exact, and I have not had a computer charger for 3 whole weeks. I have my suspicions about where the original one I ordered went, but I'll keep that to myself for the time being. Yes, I had to order two of them. Please, feel sorry for me. It was horrible, 3 weeks without my little internet home. 

So, what's become of me in these past weeks? 

You don't want to know, but I'm sure I'll bring it up on Monday, when I write about all my sentiments. 

I think I've mentioned a few times starting a second blog, which kinda seems crazy, buuuut, I think I just might. I'll talk a bit more about the things I deeply believe in. Things that may or may not belong on what is essentially a project-based lifestyle blog. Albeit an awesome project-based lifestyle blog, if I do say so myself. It's still in the makings. I'm starting a new life coaching program in February of this coming year. So, I may need a new place to get my thoughts out. More thoughts, less pictures. That's my vision for the new blog, or maybe I'll just keep subjecting all of you to my insufferable ramblings, FOR-E-VER.

So, it's December. Who's excited about Christmas? Nah, you're right, let's live in the moment. In southern California, it's difficult for it to ever truly feel like Christmas, because the weather is always the same, but nevertheless, I keep wishing everyone a Merry Christmas where ever I go. Because just like I've forgotten, I think everyone else has forgotten, too. Maybe I'll just run around with boughs of holly and bells on. Then they'll know for sure it's Christmas.  

So, here is what you loved in November!!

10. How to Make Meringues!