Most Popular in November

It's Christmas!! It's also a little late for this post, but I told myself when the blog was back up that I would catch everyone up on what was most popular. Yes, I'm going to do a Most Popular in December next week, but better late than never for November. Plus the Most Popular posts have proven most popular. Did you miss my ridiculous jokes?

I did.

So, my November goal was to get up and moving and do yoga everyday and I did. I do. I also hike a flight of stairs at work, several times a day, everyday for which my glutes are both grateful and pissed. My brain is fully on board though, I have a lot of energy to shake out on a regular basis. Not that I'm complaining, but stairs help.

So, I did my yoga and all that. I was also surprised to see that my stats really weren't effected by the blog being under construction. Readers snuck in through Google and Pinterest and wherever else my content was creeping around. So, while my biggest fear was that I would sink into the obscurity of abandoned blog-ville. Turns out my fears were unfounded, as they often are. Turns out the little free spirited ship is pretty unsinkable. Thanks to the readers, duh.

So a few weeks late, but here's what ya'll were reading while I was gone:

1. Castor Oil + Aloe Vera Hair Growth Serum