Most Popular in October

Hey there! 

I took a break, okay, so, it was only for a week, but it felt like a year. I've learned I really don't like that. Not only because I don't feel productive, but also I just love making things and taking pictures. Whodathunkit? I think I periodically need little energetic breaks to kinda shake things up and get readjusted, maybe even get a new vision for what I want to do. Maybe I want to start a second blog? Yeeeaah, maybe, someday, with the help of another person. I'd really like to collaborate with someone else to create something completely different. I just like the idea of blending two different, but compatible perspectives.

Maybe later, maybe now. I'll see what happens. 

Today feels like the perfect day to start over. It's the first of November and California just had its first big rain in such long time. We've been in drought here for at least a couple of years, probably longer. So, the farmers' sighs of relief is almost palpable. Not to mention there are people in central California who have to go down to the fire stations to get water for their homes because the wells have dried up. This drought is definitely no joke.

I hope the rain keeps coming. For some social and for some selfish reasons. Obviously we need the rain here, but also I just love it. It feels like a clean slate, expansive, a sense of newness, plus it's always so amazing the morning after a good rain. You know that feeling when you wake up and forgot it had rained and plants just looks so much healthier, the air is crisp, the sky is blue-er. I'm about to break out into song here. 

I'm grateful for the rain here in California and I hope your state gets some, too. Unless you're in Oregon or Washington where it just never quits, then I hope you get some sunshine, or any break from the norm that you need to make you feel new again. :)

Since I didn't post anything new for the last week of October it was interesting to see some old posts that never made the top ten to rise up in popularity. There are some old favorites, too, but it's fun to see how the machine runs without me manning the wheel. 

Before I forget, I started an Etsy store you can find me here.  If there is some photo on the blog you'd like to see on Etsy. Let me know so I can upload it for you to buy. Most of the stuff on there isn't from here. It's just stuff I do for fun. :) Yes, I take pictures of food for fun.

9. Yogurt + Nutmeg + Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask