Most Popular in October

Oh, October, I'm pretty sure everyone loves October not only because it's the beginning of cool weather and pumpkin everything, but also, if you think about it, it's one of the only cool months where you don't have to think about any important holidays. None, at all. There's Halloween, but it's not necessarily a time when family flies out and you have to accommodate everyone. It's just fun, getting dressed up and eating candy. Most of the month is just easy. Things kind of relax, kids are back in school, most people have settled into a routine. Maybe getting some domestic stuff in order and spending more time at home, which can be nice after a crazy summer. 

I shared most of my thoughts already in my post yesterday, so I feel a little brain drained. I guess I'll set a new goal. I think I want to do yoga everyday, rain or shine. Even if it's only five minutes. I want to just get up and move around, stretch out any weirdness anywhere. I think it'll be good for me. Maybe a walk to the cliffs everyday would be good, er, maybe every other day. I think I can keep up with that. So daily yoga, and alternating days of walking to the cliffs. Will do. Other than that, here's what was most popular in the month of October.