Mug Planters

Ok, so I'm usually horrible at identifying plants, but I've got this new app it's called Like That Garden. All you do is take a picture of a plant and then upload it into the app and it identifies the variety for you. So, then you can learn what variety of plant you're working with. I have this issue with succulents all the time. I never know what they are. These clippings are from an Elephant Bush and now I know that for sure, because there's an app for that. 

So, I have this oversized mug with a huge crack in it. Obviously, cracked mugs are aren't safe to use because they breed bacteria, but if you break something you feel sentimental about you can always transform it into a planter and give it a whole new life. I actually think that's the mug I was drinking out of for that picture over to the right. I might have to change that soon. As soon as I have some free time and access to an awesome photographer. 

These clipping are pretty cool because you can just drop them in the dirt right after you pick them. If you're growing pups from leaves you have to go through this whole process, but if the pups are already grown then you can just drop them in the dirt. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Potting soil - succulent soil is always good if you planting succulents
  • Plant clippings - I used these ones from the Elephant Bush
  • Cracked mug


  • Put a layer of dirt in the bottom of your mug, about 2-3" deep. Then water a little to help the dirt settle.
  • Repeat this step until the soil has reached the top of the planter.
  • Leave the top layer of dirt dry to set you plants inside.
  • Once you've arranged your plants the way you want them then water gently to help the plants set roots. I've noticed it takes 2-3 days to get the plants to set and start looking more settled. I always wait a few days after planting before I start taking pictures for that reason. :)