My Favorite Beau Taplin Quotes

Have you ever tried to love something less? When you feel silly, and think about how you can't possibly pick all the things, and to be more selective, and limit your enthusiasm, because loving everything just seems a little over the top? Maybe even absurd? 

What was ever so bad about being absurd? What was ever so bad about loving everything? Maybe judgement and discretion are what's overrated. What if we were all a little more sincere with our enthusiasm and used it without limitation? Maybe with the use of enthusiasm in it's fullest expression, life would be less limited?

In reference to the desire to love things less, that's how I felt scrolling through all these Beau Taplin quotes. I felt like I just loved them all so much and I can't possibly post all of them. So while it might not be entirely fair to call these my favorites, because I seem to love everything I've read, which is pretty lovable in and of itself, here are some that spoke to me recently.