New Preset Collections

I've been thinking about releasing these presets for so long. I was thinking about releasing them while making cocktails with cactus water August of last year, and while writing about punkpost the month before. Then while editing and designing some new Lightroom presets for some of the newer photos over on Bead & Reel, this past summer. 

I didn't really love, love them until I started using them to edit other people's photos. I might've been worried they'd only work with the way I shoot. Silly, I know, but I think they call it product testing or quality control. This is a one lady operation, so I just take it a day at a time and see how things develop, measure the products I sell, and the things I promote, strictly by my personal confidence in them. 

So, after over a year, its safe to say I've reached a level of confidence with my work where I think these presets will be so useful to other photographers trying to achieve a certain look. And I am so happy to introduce them. 

Edited using the Venice Canals Preset from the Skull Valley Preset Collection

Edited with the Ukiah Preset from the Ukiah Presets Collection

Edited with the Shasta Preset from the Malibu Presets Collection

Edited with the Temecula Preset from the Capitola Presets Collection 

Edited with the La Palma Preset from the La Palma Black + White Presets Collection

Edited with the Half Moon Preset from the Willows Presets Collection

Edited with the Buttonwillow Preset from the Three Rivers Preset Collection

I hope you love using them as much as I do, and thanks for checking them out.